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~ Infinite Aura Clearing ~

My research into returning attachments and energy problems

I have been doing a lot of research over 2010-2011 to try to help people who are struggling with returning attachments, or ongoing energy problems.

The result has been a discovery that standard energy clearing just clears attachments (e.g. entities, implants and negative energy clouds) from around your physical body, your subtle bodies (which surround the body) and your commonly-known aura. This can certainly be enough to completely clear some people, but in some cases, there have been particularly stubborn attachments (because of their own strength or a person's inner energetic imbalance) that remain attached in some way following a standard energy clearing. This, I have discovered, is because the attachments are still linked to energies that are not in the person's physical body, subtle bodies and aura, but somewhere beyond...

What is beyond these standard energy systems?

I've discovered that we have not just one (layered) aura, just commonly known as the body's aura. But we have an infinite number of auras stretching out from the physical body!

Through these infinite auras we have the capacity to be linked with many other energies. This unfortunately means we have a greater vulnerability 'out there' to these external negative energy forces. Which explains why some of these attachments have seemed connected to us, but out of our reach. It is because they can be present on a deeper level than usually thought.

The infinite aura clearing

On discovering these infinite auras, I then developed a technique to clear the infinite auras of these negative energy forces (entities, implants and negative energy clouds). This works in a similar way to energy clearing, but on a much deeper and much more expansive level.

I have then been working with many people over 2010-11 to remove these deeply attached implants / entities / negative energy clouds using this new Infinite Aura Clearing method. Nine times out of ten, this new type of clearing has been successfully removing stubborn attachments where a standard energy clearing has not been enough :) This has been a great relief for many!

What symptoms suggest an infinite aura clearing is required?

The symptoms of needing an infinite aura clearing are the same as those for requiring a standard energy clearing:

* headaches

* nausea / sickness

* body aches / pains

* anxiety

* depression

* emotional distress

* fatigue

* confusion

* anger

* relationship problems

* miscommunications

* 'bad luck' and accidents

and the list goes on...

But most importantly, the most obvious sign that an infinite aura clearing is required is if a standard energy clearing does not release you from an attachment (entity or implant) or negative energy cloud.

How does an infinite aura clearing help?

By releasing the attachments from the outer reaches of your energies, you can be free of their connection to you.

Part of this process involves healing the reasons why the attachments are connected to you. This can involve releasing emotional trauma from your infinite auras (which can be recent, due to any stress in your life, great or small - or it can be from many years ago, even in a past life in some cases). This can also involve working out what energetic imbalance within is causing an attraction energetically for this attachment, and then sending healing to that energetic imbalance (often with the use of positive affirmations). This healing is all included in the price of an infinite aura clearing, and is done remotely during a single infinite aura clearing through a direct connection with your energies, just as in my standard energy clearing process.

Following the infinite aura clearing I then send healing to all your affected infinite auras, to clear up any damage remaining from the attachments.

Is an infinite aura clearing guaranteed to remove my attachments?

Nine times out of ten, infinite aura clearings are succesfully removing attachments for many people worldwide :)

In cases where there is a deeper energetic imbalance, then more than one infinite aura clearing may be required. This occurs when there is something in the person's body that is not quite ready to fully heal in one go. Sometimes a person's healing needs to be staged, and we need to peel off the energy problem like layers of an onion.

I have worked with a number of people where this has been the case and gradually we have been able to heal the energy problems that the attachments are drawn to within the person and their infinite auras, so that over time the attachments can be released. I am also constantly developing new energy clearing methods to work on releasing attachments from other energy areas where they may be attached (e.g. from our waves and vibrations, etc.)

This is the worst-case scenario, but please know that if you have a similar energy problem then help is here. I have had success helping people through very difficult and deep energy problems. It may take time to work through, but it can be done :)

What do you need to do during an infinite aura clearing?

The clearing is performed remotely, just by me tuning into your name and energies from our communication prior to the energy clearing. So at the time of the clearing there is nothing that you need to do.

If the clearing falls at a time when you are relaxing then this can help, but it is not essential.

What I would recommend though is that following the clearing you do try to take it easier than usual and drink plenty of water, giving your energies some time to adjust. Some people experience a detox (where their symptoms increase before they are released). So giving your self some rest time can really help through this process if possible.

What is the process once I have booked my clearing?

Once your energy clearing is booked, I will send you a confirmation email to let you know that payment is received and then set a date for your clearing.

On the day of your clearing, I will email you before I begin and then again once your energy clearing is completed. If you have booked a write-up of the findings of your energy clearing then I will send this to you as soon as possible following your clearing, by email.

How much does an Infinite Aura Clearing cost?

An infinite aura clearing is GBP £44.99 per person, pet or property.

If you would like a brief write-up of your clearing then this is available for GBP £4.99. This would be on average a paragraph summary.

A more detailed write-up is available for GBP £14.99.

Further information

If you have any questions about the infinite aura clearing, energy clearing in general, which clearing type would be best for you, or if you are new to energy clearing and would like a free energy check, please contact me, Katy, at

How to book your Infinite Aura Clearing

As this is a new service, and I am in the process of updating my website, please book your session at this Send a Payment link here by selecting the correct amount from the drop-down menu. Or you can email me to request a PayPal invoice. Please note, you do not need a PayPal account to use my payment system, you can pay with a credit or debit card.

If you have any questions about this or any other clearing or healing sessions, please contact me, Katy, at