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Animal Healing ~ my experience

I thought it would be useful to give you some background information on my connection with animals, how I've got to where I am, and my range of experience.

My main path in life is definitely to heal animals. I have always had such a strong connection with our furry friends. As a child and while growing up and leaving home I often found it was just me and my dog... or hamster... or rabbit! Animals make such wonderful companions: they don't judge, they're so accepting, they can kiss your tears away and give one helluva cuddle :o) My heart really does go out to them. And if I hear of an animal in need... well I'm jumping up and down to help!

My personal experience centres around dogs, hamsters and rabbits, but this does not limit me to working with just these precious furries! I adore all animals, great and small. So whatever you have, and whatever problems you are trying to help them with rest assured that they are in excellent hands!

As an example of my dedication to rabbits (my current personal companions), you might like to visit my website and Yahoo group for bunnies with headtilt/wryneck - an often seriously debilitating and even life-threatening condition that sadly very little is known about across the world! If this is something that interests you then feel free to take a look at or my group:
This is mainly about Western remedies for the condition, but that is in an effort to help as many bunnies as possible, since not everyone is into energy healing. However, I can say without a doubt that the crystal healings that I have done on my own bunnies with headtilt have certainly provided relief and improvement from the symptoms of the illness.

Whilst on the subject of rabbits... my own two bundles of fluff (Hopscotch and Lara) have been excellent patient case studies for my animal healing work - Lara in particular as she just adores the crystals, and the cuddles that go with a healing session!! So, a big thank you to Hoppy and Lara for helping me learn so much more about healing. (I'll give you some carrots in a moment!)

I have helped my two rabbits through a number of ailments (at times life-threatening) via a combination of Western medicines and my healing practices. With the headtilt issues I have helped them combat balance problems, muscle tension, eating disorders, nausea, digestive issues, infections and depression, anxiety and stress. The effectiveness of my healing sessions have been obvious. For example, repeatedly I've had a bunny that's off his food before a session but halfway through the healing he jumps up and starts gobbling hay! These are not mere coincidences - there are definite patterns at work. I have also had success dealing with behavioural problems with one of my rabbits (Hopscotch) who likes to bully my other bunny around somewhat. Once he's had a healing session though, he's so much calmer and well-behaved! He will be much more cuddly as a result towards myself and my other bunny, Lara! The difference is astounding :o)

There have been similar positive experiences with other animals too, both face-to-face and through distant healing. Just as a few examples, I have helped other people's rabbits with teeth problems, gut stasis (life-threatening in rabbits) and anxiety; and people's dogs with muscle and nerve pain, behavioural problems (aggression, possessiveness and jealousy), anxiety, stress (I work with rescue dogs in my spare time), even, sadly, helping them come to terms with their forthcoming passing.

All cases I've worked with have shown improvement in their conditions or issues. And most sessions have resulted in a very sleepy, affectionate animal surrounded by crystals :o) Take a look at my blog for a couple of example pictures of one of my rescue dogs! I have more photos to put up soon too.

If you would like more information about the services I offer for animals, please do get in touch by email