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~ Heal your Anger ~

I have had a number of clients (humans and animals) come to me recently for assistance with anger issues, which often arise from pent-up feelings of frustration and anxiety or fear.

I would like to give reassurance to people that this *is* very much treatable with crystal healing and distant healing. I have found that people with this recurring anger (whether expressed/released or bottled up) are mostly suffering with a lack of universal, or spiritual, energy coming down through their upper chakras. They are often grounded - connected to the earth energies - but are lacking a spiritual connection.

To achieve balance everyone needs to maintain connection to the earth (below) and to the universe (above) simultaneously and consistently. However, most people find it difficult in everyday life to keep this balance. Most are inclined to shut off energetically either at their lower chakras (the earth) or at their upper chakras (the universe), or even at both ends!

What can cause this shut off? Well, mainly stress - and this could be little stresses and strains that add up during the day or longterm deep-rooted stressful situations and emotions that you are caught up in.

Once energy is shut off like this (at either or both ends of the body) it causes us to feel disconnected from the world and those around us and in turn causes further unease and imbalance across the body as energy is caught up inside and bounces back and forth, unable to travel its usual route moving freely through the body. So one energy block at the top or at the bottom then causes a series of other imbalances and potentially other blockages as the energy becomes stagnant in the body.

If a condition like this continues for days, weeks, months, even years, we are left with a whole host of symptoms that we feel we cannot even start to unravel! But we can! :) Through crystal healing in person or distant healing we can release these blockages across the body and reveal and heal your energy patterns. We can work out where the energy is stagnant and whether you are having difficulty bringing in energy from above or below.

Then we can work on fixing the core of the problem... bringing the energy into your body again, and retraining the energy to move smoothly and freely, at the correct vibrations and frequencies for you.

So for people suffering with anger issues I'm finding that we need to work most on  bringing the energy in through these upper chakras (the Stellar Gateway, Soul Star, Causal (or Rear Crown chakra) and the Front Crown chakra). Then drawing the energy down through all the other chakras of the body (sometimes repeatedly).

Once the energy is flowing correctly again then we are connected to the world - we have nothing to fear. Frustrations, anxieties and anger are reduced to calm, clarity and perspective. We are able to see and think clearly and rationally and work our way through overcoming obstacles.

Over a series of healing sessions I have been able to calm a number of people's (and animals') emotions, help them feel a part of life and the universe again, and reduce their anger down.

Each session is like peeling off the next layer of the onion. Each healing leaves you feeling like you are overcoming your anger, step by step. You are left feeling empowered to move on with your life.

If you would like more information on how I can help you or a loved one, please contact me. I'll be very happy to talk to you.

"Katy has done a lot of distant healing on my daughter, K. Since K. reached puberty upon turning 13, she went from 'Little Miss butter wouldn't melt' to a raging monster.

Katy started the healings. She told me that it was rather like pealing off the skin on an onion layer by layer. Though it was not an easy task working on K., Katy managed successfully to dissipate a lot of the pent up anger stored within K. Though my daughter's behaviour and attitude towards her school work is still far from perfect and there is still a lot of room for improvement, it seems evident that Katy's work did a lot to calm her down and help K. to adopt a more rational approach to situations she has to face which are potential triggers to her angry outbursts!

K. is far less defiant than she used to be and I think Katy has helped K. to finally see the light and realize that it doesn't always pay to throw her rattle out of the pram and scream and shout abuse when things don't go her way. Katy said that K. had a lot of emotional issues and Katy spent a great deal of time working on K.

I don't understand exactly how Katy's healing works, but several people have commented that K's behaviour has remarkably improved and she is thus having her privileges reinstated which were previously confiscated in the past due to her bad behaviour.

Well done Katy. You are such an inspiration and it is so reassuring to know that K. can be redeemed through your help."

Victoria Carey, UK