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Honey Calcite ~ A Crystal for Strength and Courage

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Honey Calcite is a beautiful crystal I have had for many years. Only recently it has brought me a new lease of life. I was working with the new moon and started my Moon Healings programme and I was suddenly drawn to honey calcite to protect me and heal me of the dangerous energies that were affecting me and steering me off course, persistently, creating anxiety and trying to make me cower in a corner!!! It was perfect for the first moon healing in the programme. Does this sound familiar? Sometimes you want to act in a certain direction but are completely overtaken by fear. And that fear may not always be 100% obvious on the surface. We can do a good job of hiding our fears from ourselves sometimes and even worse, external forces can do an even better job of hiding our fears for us so they remain in charge. In my case the fear itself was hiding but I was experiencing pains in my heart chakra. I was doing everything I could to help this pain on a physical level, but when I reached for my honey calcite to help with the moon energy and external forces, wow... Suddenly my heart chakra pain Disappeared!!!! Absolutely just vanished!

I have had a recent time of extreme sensitivity to crystals and have to be really careful with my energies. The universe had set me on paths to explore additional forces of healing. I get that, but it is sad as I So Love Crystals!!! I have been able to heal others with them, but I have had to put myself on a backburner as far as crystals are concerned and look for new areas to research (e.g. homeopathy, which has led to the birth of my sister site Homeopathic Me. So when I was guided to honey calcite for this moon energy, I picked up my crystal with trepidation, not knowing if I was going to have a sensitive reaction. But no, quite the opposite. To see my pain vanish like that was Amazing!! I don't know why I can still be surprised about the magic of crystals even after all this time lol. How? I must surely be used to their little miracles by now? Nope, every time is a surprise and a joy to behold.

For me it became suddenly totally clear (crystal clear) that my heart chakra pain was entirely anxiety. Fear at stepping forward into myself, becoming me, not scared of my shadow (and other energy shadows). Yes I was affected by negative external forces. But why was I? We only attract negativity because we have some "chink in our armour" (see my Dark Forces article), some vulnerability that needs healing.

How did Honey Calcite help this fear? Well it is a super crystal for courage and strength (key components in the moon healing I was doing for people in my programme, and for myself too as it seems). So for me it healed me of my fear, which then bounced away the negativity I had allowed in by being afraid of being true me. And as a result of releasing this fear, the pain (caused by the fear) stopped too.

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