Common Problems to Heal / Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

There are many causes of this disorder, and the effects of this disorder can be mild to severe, to completely debilitating, even life-threatening when it extends to the point of feeling suicidal, or covering up memories and feelings with addictions like alcohol and drugs.

The sooner PTSD is acknowledged and some form of therapy / treatment begun, the better. The longer PTSD manifests in a person's energies, the deeper and more complex the problem becomes. This is because in time we build up many coping mechanisms which in a lot of cases are not right for our energies: e.g. avoiding going outside, socialising with others, communicating with our relatives; or on the other hand avoiding being alone, succumbing to addictions and certain behaviours that stop ourselves from being truly in touch with ourselves, escaping from reality so that we forget the truth we are trying to cover up. These are all avoidance / distraction techniques. And though, yes, getting hung up on what the problem is, and perhaps OCD'ing on certain things, focusing on the negatives, etc, can lead to an increase in symptoms.... more depression, more anxiety... to put a fluffy blanket over whatever the real problem is (whatever initially caused the PTSD) can leave you stuck in a spiral of denial and avoidance, which only pushes the problem further down, weakens your energies, and ultimately extends the PTSD.

I have had personal experience suffering from childhood PTSD. It was only later in my adult life that I realised this, and by then I'd pushed it down and pushed it down, until I did not know the original source of all my issues. All of which I was able eventually to pinpoint as caused by anxiety from the original time of stress when my PTSD began.

Through healing I have been able to work through my PTSD. Energy healing and energy clearing have helped me release so much anxiety, break cords with my memories (from the original time of stress and the people associated with that time), forgive those involved in the stressful times, and open up to the world and myself again. I have even pretty much (about 95%) healed myself of the chronic pain I had, as caused by my PTSD!

To read about my spiritual journey which outlines in more detail about my chronic pain and anxiety, and how I overcame these debilitating issues (as caused initially by my childhood PTSD), to the point where I have been able to now heal others and share my experiences, please see My Spiritual Journey.

If you would like to contact me about PTSD, please email me, Katy, at