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Project Headtilt ~ Updates

Since I last wrote, at the beginning of Project Headtilt, we now have 5 members of the healing list :) I have only just started advertising this project, so I expect numbers to grow soon.

Already, all five (who are bunnies) are receiving energy clearing, protection from external negative energies and continuous deep meridian healing. They are each at different stages of this illness. Some well into recovery, some in the early throes of their first brush with headtilt, and some unfortunately in a state of relapse.

Thank you to those who have joined so far.

Looking forward to updating you on their progress!


In June 2011 I began a healing project called Project Headtilt! After much experience helping my two rabbits through headtilt (AKA wry-neck) and helping many others worldwide through a rabbit support group (, I have set up a healing project to cover as many headtilt animals as possible (rabbits or others).

My aim is to explore in detail alternative therapies to help headtilt animals through this illness, and therefore to help as many as I can. If you'd like more information about headtilt then please visit my rabbit-specific website, or contact me for details. And if you have or know of a pet/animal that you'd like to be a part of Project Headtilt, please contact me (Katy) at

Please spread the word! It's completely free to be a part of this :)