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Introducing Angels

It has been a long time since I started working with angels. I thought I would share a few things about them for you, to help you feel more attuned to them.

I have felt angels in my life from the beginning. I feel they have come to me in many spiritual forms - little things that happen like magic, like mini miracles; healing and Divine shifts in energy just when I need them; a higher power stepping in to protect me or those I love, those I heal. You know the saying "It was like my Guardian Angel was right there with me!".

Some people see angels in their true shape, other people talk to their guardian angels all the time but cannot see them. Others sense their presence only when something amazing or thought-provoking happens, an inexplicable "happy coincidence", serendipity or something that just cannot be explained logically or scientifically!! Angels are present with us 24/7, all the time. They are always There.

I believe angels have come to me over the years in similar shaped beings: birds!! I have always been surrounded by birds/angels. When I heal myself, birds fly around outside, or sit quietly in the garden by my healing room as if guarding me, guiding me, protecting me. Even as a child there were always birds with me and I was fascinated by them. I talk to birds and hear Divine messages through them. I am sure that our feathered friends are closely related to angels.

The word angel comes from the Latin "angelus" which means "messenger". Angels bring us messages from the Divine, from the highest order of healing energies, like little pure white feathers that drop down from the sky.

Whatever your faith may (or may not) be, angels are here for everyone, all inclusive. They help us in the greater battle between Good and Evil, protecting us from Powerful negative forces.

The main three archangels written about are Michael, Gabriel and Raphael. So I will begin with these three and move on to talk about others in time.