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Healing your Inner Child

If you have been feeling alone, anxious or depressed, and unable to tune in to what you really want in life, or perhaps felt unable to let go of what others may think of you in order to follow your heart's desire... you may have lost your connection to your inner child.

This is easily done, but it happens for many when something causes us to shut off from ourselves and to reject what we really want in order to seek approval from others (perhaps subconsciously). This is when we look outwards for love, rather than look inwards to ourselves to provide all the love we need.

A general lack of love, especially during childhood, or feeling rejected, being abandoned or abused can all lead to rejection of your true self. Which then leads to closing off from your inner child.

This can trigger all sorts of secondary symptoms: lack of self-confidence, lack of self-esteem, fear of failure, difficulty connecting to others, feeling insecure, and either a great independency (through fear of relying on others) or great dependency (needing someone else to comfort us and guide us through life's difficult times).

What is your inner child?
It is that part of you that remains innocent throughout your life - the child version of you. Your inner child needs your love and attention, nurturing, and in return he/she will give you love, attention and even guidance in life.

How can you reconnect with your inner child?
Meditation / visualisation is one way of reconnecting with your inner child.

     ~  As with all meditations, begin by grounding yourself down to the earth's magnetic core. You can do this by visualising an
        energetic cord growing down from the end of your tailbone, right down into the core of the earth. (See Grounding Exercises in
        Exercises and Techniques folder for more information.)  ~

When you are next meditating, or relaxing, rest three small crystals on your heart chakra: a pink, gold/yellow and violet/purple crystal.

Example crystals could be:

*  Rhodochrosite, Rose Quartz or Pink Kunzite

*  Citrine, Pyrite, or Mookite (yellow/cream)

*  Amethyst, Lepidolite or Blue Goldstone

(If you do not have any crystals to hand then you can also do this meditation / visualisation without crystals, or just with a piece of Clear Quartz if you only have this.)

During your meditation, or just while you are lying there peacefully, visualise three flames in your heart chakra: a small pink flame, a gold flame and a violet flame. Allow the flames to burn bright and pure.

Then envisage the flames growing from your heart centre, entwining their colours, surrounding your whole body. Extend the flame so that it surrounds you from top to toe, nice and wide.

Feel the flames burning up any anxieties or worries you have. Let *everything* go into the flames until you feel calm and soothed.

While your heart is open, take a moment to look deep within your heart chakra to find your inner child. You might visualise your inner child as an image of yourself when you were young. He/she may need some coaxing to come out of hiding. Just be gentle and patient, keeping your heart open.

Once you have located your inner child, take them by the hand and talk to them. Ask what he/she needs from you. Spend some time with your inner child, doing whatever it is that they want.

After some time you may feel that you have established a good relationship with your inner child, at least for now. So complete this part of the meditation by telling your child that you are always there for them, and knowing that he/she is always there within you. Acknowledge that he/she needs a little attention every day, whether through meditation/visualisation or while you are going about your daily life. Ensure that at the end of the meditation, your bond with your inner child is still strong, though just under the surface of your consciousness.

Complete the meditation by checking that you are still grounded (that your cord is still strongly connected to the earth's core). When you feel balanced, gently and gradually reduce the flame down to a little fire in your heart again.

     ~  Make sure you are fully grounded when you complete the meditation.  ~