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~ What are Implants? ~

An implant is where another being latches on to our energy to see what we're up to. They can be from another dimension or extra terrestrial, and just tend to be interested in what we as a human race are doing in life. They don't necessarily mean any harm, but their presence is a drain on our energies and can leave us feeling quite unwell (often particularly with fatigue, headaches and stomach upset/pain as well as affecting us emotionally and mentally).

As an example of their power, one of my pet rabbits had a stomach upset and he wouldn't eat - which becomes life-threatening very quickly in bunnies. I did a chakra healing on him and he was still the same. Normally they start eating partway through a chakra healing as it gets all the energies flowing, so I checked for an implant and he had one! Literally as soon as I cleared the implant he was better :o) Quite amazing! His stomach stopped gurgling and he started to eat again.

Implants are really easy to pick up, just like entities. You can pick them up anywhere. The best way to protect yourself from implants is to keep yourself strong, healthy and happy :o) Certain crystals are particularly good for protection too, so if you're feeling vulnerable it wouldn't hurt to carry one or two around with you. For example, Hematite and Tiger's Eye are particularly grounding and protective.


And now some extra information on implants ....

Recently I did a lot of research into implants, so thought I would give you an update on my findings :)

I feel that implants are some form of equipment or spyware in some ways. They seem mostly to be sent from extra terrestrial sources. I feel there is life out there on other planets that we do not know of yet, where their technology is extremely advanced, and they are keeping a watch on what we Earthlings are up to - this can include people, pets and whole properties.

The implant is an invisible energy, but I can feel them very strongly when I tune in. There seem to be different implants for different means. They have certain traits that they attach to (e.g. people/animals/environments with a lot of anger, or anxiety, or physical trauma, etc). This is how you get shared implants - where one implant attaches to this same trait in a number of people / pets / properties.

They tune into these energies, I feel, and sometimes just record what's happening, but sometimes I feel they are there to stop us letting go of these negative traits too, to keep us from moving forward in life. In this way then, some are just merely information-gathering (though that is not very comforting either), but others seem to be much more malicious - actually preventing us from getting better on purpose.

Unfortunately both non-malicious and malicious are harmful as they all negatively affect our energies just by being present. They lower our vibrations, and seem to irritate the trait they are attached to so that we find it hard to let go of the trait, and instead go further in that direction. So if 'anger' is the trait, then with an implant attached to our anger, we cannot break from this feeling, and instead have higher flare ups of anger.

The best way to remove an implant (and any other attachments) is to also work on healing what drew the implant to you in the first place. If I can heal the energetic imbalance enough to remove the implant then the implant can be fully removed. This type of combined healing and clearing is very effective.

Post-clearing I strongly recommend further healing, to continue to work on healing your energetic imbalance so that another implant/attachment cannot reattach to the same problem if it peaks again, or to other energetic imbalances you may have that could be leaving you vulnerable to other attachments.

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